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We organize concerts, music therapy sessions, conferences and meetings under the "My Music for Peace" program, with the participation of musicians from all over the world.



The use of music and sound, Effect Mozart in improving brain function, in learning and therapy. We invite teachers of various subjects, parents and doctors.



We offer music, which reduces stress, relieves pain, relaxes, supports treatment and education, is used for yoga, massage, meditation and in everyday life.


World Music in the Peace Messenger Cities.Płońsk 2015. 14.th June.2015. Musical School in Płońsk

We have a honor to announce an event under the auspices of the International Association of Pecace Messerger Cities.
It is a honor to inform that the Honorary Patronage of the event was taken by the Mazovian Voivodeship Marshal, Mr. Adam Struzik.


Steve Kindler in Opole, 14th October 2013

During a concert in Opole Philharmonic Steve Kindler not only played 9 stringed violin, but also on the acoustic, grabbing the audience fiery Gypsy folk tunes and other Hungarian.


Steve Kindler in Toruń, 9th October 2013

Meeting with young people in the "House of the Muses" at Poznanska str.


Steve Kindler in Toruń, 7th October 2013

Steve Kindler played in Torun at the HRP "Pamela" club. The concert was on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.


Steve Kindler in Gdansk, 6th October 2013

Concert "Journey through 9 Strings" at the Music Scene of the Gdańsk Archipelage of Culture.


Archive of events

We invite you to explore our website and learn avout our activities like organizing concerts, conferences, workshops and sessions of sounf and music therapy.

We are honoured to invite you to see the Honorary Board of the Foundation. You will find here world wide known composers, therapists, scientists, healers, doctors, and our friends, people of great heart, whose musical talents, knowledge and achievements in sound therapy contribute to spreading beauty and peace. You will also learn about healing power of sound and listen to excellent uplifting music for healing, relaxation, meditation, yoga, learning, created by outstanding musicians, authorities in the field of music and sound healin.